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spy a person employed by a nation's government to secretly observe and gather information about another nation's activities, plans, defenses, and the like. [6 definitions]
spyglass a small hand-held telescope.
sq. abbreviation of "square."
sq. ft. abbreviation of "square foot," or "square feet."
sq. in. abbreviation of "square inch," or "square inches."
squab a young pigeon still in the nest, esp. considered as food.
squabble to quarrel over trivial matters; bicker. [2 definitions]
squad a small number of persons trained to function together, such as an athletic team or the smallest unit of military personnel.
squad car a police car.
squadron any of several types of military unit, usu. of intermediate size and comprising vehicles as well as personnel. [2 definitions]
squalene a hydrocarbon that occurs in sharks' livers and human fatty deposits and is an intermediate product in the formation of cholesterol.
squalid dirty or foul, as from neglect. [2 definitions]
squall1 a sudden , brief, powerful windstorm, usu. with rain, snow, or sleet. [3 definitions]
squall2 to cry out violently and harshly, as in fear or pain; scream. [2 definitions]
squalor the condition or quality of being squalid.
squama a scale or scalelike part of an animal.
squamous resembling, composed of, or covered with scales.
squander to spend or expend (money, time, or effort) wastefully.
Squanto North American Indian who served as an English-speaking guide to English settlers and as an interpreter between these settlers, known as the Pilgrims, and members of the Wampanoag tribe (?--d.1622).
square a rectangle whose four sides are of equal length. [24 definitions]
square away to put in order; arrange properly.