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strobe (informal) see stroboscope.
strobila the long, jointed body of a tapeworm, not including the head.
strobilus in botany, the reproductive structure of most gymnosperms.
stroboscope any device used to study, measure, balance, or otherwise alter the motion of a moving, rotating, or vibrating body by making it appear to slow down or stop with the use of pulsed bursts of light or by viewing it through intermittent openings in a revolving disk.
strode past tense of stride.
stroganoff of meat, cooked with sour cream, onions, and mushrooms.
stroke an act or instance of striking. [13 definitions]
stroke oar the oar that is located nearest the stern of a racing shell. [2 definitions]
stroll to walk slowly and without a definite goal or purpose, as for exercise or pleasure. [3 definitions]
stroller one that takes a leisurely walk. [2 definitions]
stromatolite a sedimentary, calcium-rich rock that contains fossils of algae.
strong having or showing great physical power or strength. [13 definitions]
strong-arm using or threatening to use physical force or coercion. [2 definitions]
strongbox a box or container, usu. of steel, in which valuables can be kept and locked; safe.
stronghold a strongly fortified or defended place; fortress. [2 definitions]
strong interaction the strong force between subnuclear particles, operative in nuclear forces. (Cf. weak interaction.)
strongly with great certainty or passion.
strong-minded having a strong, determined mind or will; resolute.
strong-willed having a strong will; resolute; determined. [2 definitions]
strontium a highly reactive chemical element of the alkaline-earth group that has thirty-eight protons in each nucleus, that occurs naturally only in compounds, and that has highly toxic radioactive isotopes that are by-products of some types of nuclear fission reactions. (symbol: Sr)
strop a pliable strip, usu. of leather, on which a razor is sharpened. [2 definitions]