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Styx in Greek mythology, the river in the underworld across which the souls of the dead are ferried.
suasion the act or an instance of persuading or convincing.
suave polished and urbane.
sub (informal) a submarine. [5 definitions]
sub- under; below. [4 definitions]
subacid somewhat sour or acidic. [2 definitions]
subadolescent combined form of adolescent.
subagency combined form of agency.
subagent combined form of agent.
subaltern of a lower rank or position; subordinate or secondary. [2 definitions]
subantarctic of, designating, or characterizing the area immediately north of the Antarctic Circle.
subaqueous designed, formed, or adapted for life or use under water; underwater. [2 definitions]
subarctic of, designating, or characterizing the area immediately south of the Arctic Circle.
subarea combined form of area.
Subaru a Japanese automobile manufacturer or a car manufactured by this company.
subatom a constituent of an atom; atomic particle.
subatomic of or pertaining to particles contained within or processes occurring within an atom.
subaudible combined form of audible.
subaverage combined form of average.
subbasement a floor or story below the basement of a building.
subbasin combined form of basin.