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subperiod combined form of period.
subphase combined form of phase.
subphylum any major subdivision of a phylum; group of related classes of living things.
subplot a minor or secondary plot in a work of fiction.
subpoena in law, a formal written order summoning a witness to give testimony or requiring that specified evidence be submitted. [2 definitions]
subprimate combined form of primate.
subprocess combined form of process.
subproduct combined form of product.
subproject combined form of project.
subproletariat combined form of proletariat.
subrational combined form of rational.
subrogate to substitute (one person) for another. [2 definitions]
sub rosa covertly, secretly, or confidentially; without public notice.
subroutine a set of computer instructions within a main program for performing a specific task.
sub-Saharan of or indicating that area of Africa that lies south of the Sahara.
subsample a portion taken from a larger or primary sampling. [2 definitions]
subsaturated combined form of saturated.
subsaturation combined form of saturation.
subscience combined form of science.
subscribe to pledge, pay, or contribute (a sum of money) for a specified purpose. [7 definitions]
subscript written or printed below. [2 definitions]