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successive following in sequential order; consecutive. [2 definitions]
successor a person or thing that succeeds another.
succinct briefly but clearly stated; concise. [2 definitions]
succor help or relief given in time of need. [3 definitions]
succorless being without aid or assistance.
succotash a dish of corn kernels, lima beans, and sometimes tomatoes cooked together.
Succoth variant of Sukkoth.
succour (chiefly British) variant of succor.
succubus a demon in female form, thought to descend on and have sexual intercourse with sleeping men. (Cf. incubus.) [2 definitions]
succulent full of juice or sap; juicy. [3 definitions]
succumb to give in or give way to a fatal illness, superior force, overwhelming desire, or the like; yield.
such of a certain character or kind. [8 definitions]
such as for example. [2 definitions]
suchlike of the same or a similar kind. [2 definitions]
suck to pull into the mouth by using the tongue and lips to create a partial vacuum. [13 definitions]
sucker someone or something that sucks or that adheres by suction. [8 definitions]
sucker-punch to strike (someone) with a quick, unexpected blow.
sucker punch a quick, unexpected blow or punch.
suckle to put to the breast and allow to suck; breastfeed. [4 definitions]
suckling a young child or animal that has not yet been weaned.
sucrase an enzyme that stimulates the hydrolysis of sucrose into glucose and fructose; invertase.