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sugary containing sugar, esp. a large amount of it. [3 definitions]
suggest to put forth for consideration; propose. [4 definitions]
suggestible easily influenced; impressionable.
suggestion the act of suggesting, or the state or fact of something being suggested. [6 definitions]
suggestive rich in implications; encouraging further thought. [4 definitions]
suicidal concerning, involving, or resembling suicide. [3 definitions]
suicide the act of killing oneself on purpose. [4 definitions]
sui generis (Latin) of a kind of one's own; without equal; unique.
sui juris competent to manage one's legal affairs.
suint the natural grease formed from dried perspiration in sheep's wool, used in the preparation of ointments and as a source for potash.
suit a set of clothes consisting of a jacket and trousers or a skirt, usu. made of the same material and color. [10 definitions]
suitable appropriate for a particular person or to a purpose or situation; fitting.
suitcase a usu. rectangular piece of luggage used for carrying clothing and personal effects; valise.
suite several things that collectively form a set or series. [2 definitions]
suiting cloth or fabric used to make suits.
suitor a man courting or seeking to marry a woman. [3 definitions]
suit up to dress in a special set of clothing.
sukiyaki a Japanese dish made from slices of meat, vegetables, bean curd, and seasonings, often fried at the table.
sukkah booth (Hebrew); a temporary building roofed with leafy boughs or straw, within which meals are eaten during Sukkoth.
Sukkoth an eight-day or nine-day Jewish festival, observed during Tishri, that commemorates the period during which the Jews wandered in the wilderness.
sulf- sulfur.