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sym- together.
symbiont an organism that lives in a symbiotic relationship with another.
symbiosis a close association, usu. a mutually beneficial relationship, between two dissimilar organisms.
symbol something that represents something else, esp. a material sign or object that stands for a complex or abstract concept. [2 definitions]
symbolic of, relating to, or represented by a symbol. [3 definitions]
symbolic logic a modern kind of formal logic employing a system of symbols to represent relationships, quantities, or propositions.
symbolism the practice of expressing things, as in art or literature, by means of symbols. [3 definitions]
symbolist one who uses, studies, or interprets symbols or symbolism. [2 definitions]
symbolize to be a symbol of. [2 definitions]
symbology the study or explanation of symbols or symbolism. [2 definitions]
symmetrical having a form, structure, effect, or parts such that there is an equal and corresponding distribution on each side of a central line or position; having symmetry.
symmetry a state in which parts on opposite sides of a plane, line, or point display the same size, form, or arrangement. [2 definitions]
sympathetic feeling, showing, or resulting from sympathy or understanding. [5 definitions]
sympathize to deeply comprehend or share in the emotions or sentiments of another. (often fol. by with). [3 definitions]
sympathy agreement of feeling or emotion between persons or of one person towards another. [6 definitions]
sympathy strike a strike by a group of workers to show support for or agreement with another body of workers who are striking.
sympatico variant of simpatico.
symphonic of or pertaining to a musical symphony, or to a symphony orchestra. [2 definitions]
symphonic poem a composition for a symphony orchestra, usu. in one movement, that is evocative of a story, idea, scene in nature, or other nonmusical theme.
symphony a musical composition for orchestra, usu. having three or four movements and similar in form to a sonata. [4 definitions]
symphony orchestra a large group of instrumentalists, including string, woodwind, brass, and percussion sections, that performs symphonic compositions.