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take amiss to be offended by, esp. as a result of misunderstanding.
take an oath to make a formal, solemn promise; pledge.
take apart to divide or disassemble into smaller units. [2 definitions]
take a powder (slang) to flee.
take a stab at to attempt or try, esp. with little chance of success.
take a whack at (informal) to attempt (a task or action); try.
take back to retrieve or reclaim ownership of. [2 definitions]
take care of to focus concerned attention on; be responsible for the welfare of. [2 definitions]
take-charge taking forceful leadership; responsible and authoritative.
take cover to seek protection or concealment.
take (someone) down a peg to make humbler.
take effect to start functioning or operating.
take exception to strongly object. [2 definitions]
take-home pay the salary or wages left after all the various deductions, such as social security and taxes, have been made.
take in to provide a temporary or permanent place in one's home to. [3 definitions]
take in stride to absorb or accommodate with no interruption or disturbance of one's normal mood or activities.
take into account to consider.
take kindly to to look upon favorably.
taken past participle of take.
taken aback startled; surprised.
take note of to observe carefully, esp. so as to remember.