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talipot a tall palm tree of the East Indies, having huge fanlike leaves that are used in making umbrellas and fans and in covering houses, and as a substitute for writing paper.
talisman an object, often worn or carried as an ornament, that is believed to protect, or give one supernatural powers. [2 definitions]
talk to communicate through spoken words; discuss. [14 definitions]
talkathon an extremely lengthy talk in the form of a speech, debate, discussion, or the like, usu. regarding public concerns.
talkative tending to talk often and at length; fond of talking.
talk back to respond in a rude or impertinent manner.
talk down to belittle; underestimate.
talk down to to treat with condescension; patronize.
talkie See talking picture.
talking the act of one who talks. [2 definitions]
talking book a recording of a book or magazine read aloud, esp. for use by the blind.
talking head a television or film image of a person talking directly to the camera.
talking picture formerly, a film with an accompanying, synchronized soundtrack.
talking point a fact, idea, or view that is esp. persuasive or supportive of one side in an argument.
talking-to (informal) a scolding; reproof.
talk into to convince someone to do something.
talk out of to convince someone not to do something.
talk over to discuss.
talk shop to discuss one's work or profession.
talk show a radio or television program in which a host interviews or chats with celebrities or other preselected panelists and often encourages participation by listeners, viewers, or a studio audience.
talk turkey (informal) to speak straightforwardly and seriously, as about business matters.