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tenpenny nail a nail that is three inches long.
tenpin one of the large bottle-shaped pins used for bowling. [2 definitions]
tense1 pulled or stretched tightly; taut. [4 definitions]
tense2 in grammar, a category of verb inflections that indicate time and duration of an action or state, such as past tense, future tense, and present tense. [2 definitions]
tensile of or relating to tension. [2 definitions]
tensile strength the degree of resistance of a substance to lengthwise stress without being pulled apart.
tension the act of stretching or state of being stretched to the point of tightness; strain. [4 definitions]
tensionless combined form of tension.
tensity the condition of being tense; tenseness.
tensor a muscle that stretches or tenses a body part.
ten-speed a bicycle equipped with ten possible arrangements of gears.
tent a portable shelter made of canvas, nylon, plastic, or the like, usu. supported by poles and often stretched out with ropes and fastened to the ground with pegs. [5 definitions]
tentacle any of various long thin flexible appendages that protrude usu. around the head or mouth of some animals, such as the octopus and the squid, and serve esp. for feeling or grasping. [3 definitions]
tentative not yet fully developed or definitely decided; provisional. [2 definitions]
tent caterpillar the larva of any of several North American moths which lives collectively in tentlike webs built in leafy trees.
tenter a frame upon which cloth is stretched in order to dry evenly and without shrinkage. [2 definitions]
tenterhook a hook or bent nail that holds cloth stretched on a framework.
tenth indicating rank or position between ninth and eleventh. [4 definitions]
tentless combined form of tent.
tent stitch a short, slanting embroidery stitch that forms a series of close and even parallel rows.
tenuous having little substance, support, or significance; flimsy; weak. [3 definitions]