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Union of Soviet Socialist Republics see Soviet Union.
union shop a shop, business, or the like, whose employees are required to join a union.
union suit an undershirt and underpants combined in one garment.
unique being the only one of its type; sole; single. [5 definitions]
unironically combined form of ironically.
unirradiated combined form of irradiated.
unirrigated combined form of irrigated.
unisex designed to be suitable for both males and females.
unisexual of or relating to only one sex. [2 definitions]
unison (prec. by in) the simultaneous sounding of voices, or of musical tones in the same pitch or in octaves. [2 definitions]
unissued combined form of issued.
unit any of a number of similar things that function for or serve the same purpose. [4 definitions]
Unitarian a member of a Christian denomination that holds the belief that God is one being, rejects the idea of the Trinity, and emphasizes religious freedom.
unitary of or relating to a unit or units. [5 definitions]
unit cell the smallest structural unit of a crystal.
unit character a characteristic or trait determined by one gene or a gene pair.
unite to join together into a whole; combine. [5 definitions]
united joined into or made to act as a whole. [2 definitions]
United Arab Emirates an East Arabian country comprising seven Arab sheikdoms; Trucial States (usu. prec. by the).
United Arab Republic the official name of Egypt in 1958-61. [2 definitions]
United Church of Christ a Protestant denomination created by a merger of the Congregational Christian Church and the Evangelical and Reformed Church in 1957.