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unprovoked combined form of provoked.
unpruned combined form of pruned.
unpublicized combined form of publicized.
unpublished combined form of published.
unpunctual combined form of punctual.
unpunctuality combined form of punctuality.
unpunctuated combined form of punctuated.
unpunished combined form of punished.
unqualified lacking the appropriate knowledge or qualifications. [2 definitions]
unquantifiable combined form of quantifiable.
unquenchable combined form of quenchable.
unquestionable not rightly questioned; indisputable; certain.
unquestioned accepted as true, justified, or valid without consideration of any other possibility; authoritative, undisputed, or undoubted. [2 definitions]
unquestioning feeling or expressing no doubt, question, or objection. [2 definitions]
unquiet characterized by agitation, turbulence, disorder, or unrest. [3 definitions]
unquote I end the quotation (often used orally with the word "quote" to mark the limits of a direct quotation).
unraised combined form of raised.
unranked combined form of ranked.
unravel to undo (something knitted or woven); reduce from cloth to threads; cause to come apart. [3 definitions]
unravished combined form of ravished.
unreachable combined form of reachable.