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vestige a visible trace or sign of something no longer present or existing. [2 definitions]
vestigial of, pertaining to, or being a vestige, esp. an anatomical one.
vestment clothing, esp. a robe or gown worn on official or ceremonial occasions. [2 definitions]
vest-pocket designed to fit into, or as if into, a vest pocket. [2 definitions]
vestry a church room or building in which clerical vestments are put on and in which these and other liturgical objects are stored; sacristy. [3 definitions]
vestryman in some churches, a male member of the vestry.
vestrywoman in some churches, a female member of the vestry.
Vesuvius an active volcano in southwestern Italy that destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum in 79 A.D.; Mount Vesuvius.
vet1 (informal) a veterinarian. [3 definitions]
vet2 (informal) a veteran, esp. of military service in war.
vetch any of various related climbing, twining legumes grown for forage, soil improvement, or food.
veteran a person who was formerly part of the armed forces, esp. during a war. [4 definitions]
Veterans Administration a U.S. federal agency that administers the laws governing benefits for veterans of the armed forces.
Veterans Day a holiday in the United States for commemorating all veterans of the armed forces, held on November 11 and formerly called Armistice Day.
veterinarian a person trained and licensed to practice medicine on animals; animal doctor.
veterinary one trained and licensed to practice medicine on animals; veterinarian. [2 definitions]
vetiver a tropical Asian grass, cultivated for its root. [2 definitions]
veto the right or power of one official authority or body, esp. the chief executive, to reject or cancel something enacted by another, such as a law or budget authorization approved by a legislature. [5 definitions]
vex to annoy or irritate. [2 definitions]
vexation the act of annoying. [3 definitions]
vexatious causing annoyance or trouble. [2 definitions]