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vocalist one who sings, esp. a professional singer of popular music.
vocalization a sound made with the voice.
vocalize to make (sounds) with the voice; utter. [3 definitions]
vocation an occupation chosen as one's life work; career. [2 definitions]
vocational of or pertaining to a career or occupation. [2 definitions]
vocational guidance the work of counseling individuals, on the basis of tests and interviews, as to suitable occupational choices and appropriate training.
vocative of, relating to, or used for calling or addressing.
vociferate to cry or shout out loudly and vehemently.
vociferous crying out, esp. in protest; vocal; clamorous. [2 definitions]
vodka a colorless alcoholic spirit, which was originally made in Russia, distilled from wheat, rye, potatoes, or the like.
vogue the condition or quality of being generally popular, approved, or accepted. [2 definitions]
voice the sounds produced by the vocal chords and uttered through the mouth, esp. by a human being. [11 definitions]
voice box the larynx.
voiced having a voice of a specified kind. [2 definitions]
voiceless having no voice. [3 definitions]
voice mail a telephone system that records and stores messages left by callers which can be retrieved by subscribers by dialing the central computer. [2 definitions]
voice-over the voice of a person, who does not appear on screen, serving as narrator or announcer on television or in a film. [2 definitions]
Voice over Internet Protocol a technology that provides voice telephony services over the Internet or other similar network (abbr.: VoIP).
voiceprint a graphic representation of an individual speaker's voice, as recorded by a sound spectrograph.
voice recognition an electronic system designed to recognize and respond to spoken commands.
voice synthesizer an electronic synthesizer designed to simulate human speech.