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volunteerism the practice or principle of willingly performing unpaid work for causes such as those supported by community organizations, schools, and religious institutions.
voluptuary a person given to the pursuit of luxury and sensual pleasures. [2 definitions]
voluptuous full of or characterized by sensual pleasures. [3 definitions]
volute a twisting, spiral form. [4 definitions]
volvulus an abnormal torsion or twisting of the intestine that causes blockage.
vomit to eject some or all of the contents of the stomach through the mouth; throw up; regurgitate. [6 definitions]
vomitory causing or inducing vomiting; emetic. [5 definitions]
vomitus that which has been vomited. [2 definitions]
voodoo a religious cult or practice, primarily in the West Indies, that is based on the belief in the power of spells and charms. [5 definitions]
voracious consuming large quantities of food with greed or great desire; ravenous. [2 definitions]
-vorous eating or feeding on.
vortex a whirling mass of fluid, air, or the like, such as a whirlpool, that generates a vacuum in the center toward which things are drawn. [2 definitions]
votary a fervent and devoted follower, esp. of a religion, activity, leader, or ideal. [3 definitions]
vote a formal expression of preference in an election or decision. [9 definitions]
voteless without a vote. [2 definitions]
voter one who votes. [2 definitions]
voting machine a machine used in polling places to register and count votes in an election.
votive offered, expressed, or dedicated in order to fulfill a vow or pledge. [2 definitions]
vouch to affirm or certify someone or something to be true, truthful, genuine, or correct (usu. fol. by for). [3 definitions]
voucher a document that serves to prove, certify, or authorize, such as a receipt or an authorization to pay. [2 definitions]
vouchsafe to grant or give with condescension or as a special favor.