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wayworn tired from traveling; travel-weary.
w.c. abbreviation of "water closet," a flush toilet, or a room or booth containing a toilet and often a washbowl.
we used in reference to the speaker and one or more others. [4 definitions]
weak lacking in bodily strength, power, or vigor. [7 definitions]
weaken to make or become weak or weaker.
weakfish any of several edible marine fishes that are related to the drumfishes and are found along the eastern coast of North America.
weak interaction a weak force between elementary particles that is responsible for beta decay, neutrino absorption and emission, and some particle decay. (Cf. strong interaction.)
weak-kneed lacking in determination or courage. [2 definitions]
weakling a person who is generally weak in body or character, or an animal that is generally weak in body.
weakly feeble; weak; sickly. [2 definitions]
weak-minded lacking mental firmness; indecisive. [2 definitions]
weakness the quality or condition of being weak. [4 definitions]
weakside in football, the side of an offensive line that is lacking the tight end. [2 definitions]
weal1 prosperity or well-being.
weal2 a raised mark on the skin caused by a blow; welt.
weald wooded or wild country; wilderness; forest.
wealth a large quantity of money or property or the state of having such; affluence. [2 definitions]
wealthy having wealth; rich; affluent.
wean to accustom (a child or young animal) to food other than milk consumed by suckling. [3 definitions]
weanling a recently weaned child or animal. [2 definitions]
weapon an object or device intended or used as a means of offense or defense. [2 definitions]