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yo-yo a hand-held toy made of two thickish, usu. wooden disks connected by a peg around which a string is tied, played by holding the other end of the string and moving the hand so as to cause the disk unit to roll up and down the string, and often to spin at the end of the string. [3 definitions]
Yo-Yo Ma acclaimed U.S. cellist (b. 1955).
yr.1 abbreviation of "year" or "years."
yr.2 abbreviation of "your."
yrs.1 abbreviation of "years."
yrs.2 abbreviation of "yours."
ytterbium a rare-earth chemical element that has seventy protons in each nucleus and that occurs in pure form as a soft silvery crystalline metal. (symbol: Yb)
yttrium a metallic chemical element that has thirty-nine protons in each nucleus and that occurs as a trivalent ion. (symbol: Y)
yuan the chief monetary unit of the People's Republic of China, equaling ten jiao, or one hundred fen; renminbi. [2 definitions]
yucca any of a group of tall plants that grow mainly in warm, dry regions, bear white, lilylike flowers atop a thick stem, and have stiff, pointed leaves.
Yugoslav a native or citizen of present or former Yugoslavia, or a descendant thereof; Yugoslavian. [2 definitions]
Yugoslavia formerly, a southeastern European country on the Balkan Peninsula. It is now divided into the independent republics of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Serbia.
Yukon a territory of northwestern Canada. [2 definitions]
Yukon River a river that flows from the Yukon territory in Canada through central Alaska to the Bering Sea.
yule (sometimes cap.) Christmas or the Christmas season.
yule log a large log that traditionally formed the foundation of the Christmas Eve fire.
yuletide (sometimes cap.) the Christmas holiday season. [2 definitions]
yummy (informal) very tasty or otherwise pleasing to the senses.
yum-yum delicious; tasty; excellent (used to express pleasure, esp. in the taste of food).
Yupik a member of an indigenous group of people inhabiting parts of Alaska and Siberia, or a descendant of this group.
yuppie (informal) any young urban professional who is ambitious, upwardly mobile, materialistic, faddish, or the like.