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-ary a person, thing, or place associated with, belonging to, or pertaining to. [2 definitions]
Aryan a person belonging to or claiming to be a descendant of the prehistoric peoples who spoke the hypothetical parent language of Indo-Europeans. [4 definitions]
As symbol of the chemical element arsenic.
as1 equally; to the same extent or degree. [11 definitions]
as2 an ancient Roman unit of weight equal to approximately twelve ounces; libra. [2 definitions]
as- to.
asafetida a gum resin obtained from Oriental plants related to the carrot, with a strong, offensive odor and a bitter taste, formerly used as a medicine.
ASAP abbreviation of "as soon as possible" (sometimes pronounced as an acronym.) to the same degree or in the same amount that something else is.
as a whole when regarded in entirety.
asbestos one of two forms of a mineral that can be separated into fibers, is not combustible, and is resistant to chemical action, used to make fireproofing and insulating materials. [2 definitions]
ascarid any of various worms, including intestinal parasites such as the roundworm and the pinworm.
ascend to go upward; climb; rise. [5 definitions]
ascendable combined form of ascend.
ascendancy the state of being in a dominant position; dominance.
ascendant moving upward; rising; ascending. [4 definitions]
ascension the act or process of rising; ascent. [3 definitions]
Ascension Day the fortieth day following Easter, observing the ascent of Jesus Christ into heaven.
ascent the act of going up; rise. [4 definitions]
ascertain to come to know (some information) with complete certainty, especially through a process of investigation; determine.
ascertainable combined form of ascertain.