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Atlantic Ocean an ocean bordered by Europe and Africa on the east and the Americas on the west.
Atlantic Standard Time the standard time used in the western Atlantic and the easternmost parts of Canada, four hours behind Greenwich time.
Atlantis a mythical Atlantic island and ancient civilization west of Gibraltar that supposedly sank into the sea.
at-large election an election in which every voter can vote for candidates to fill any and all vacant positions in a representative body. Unlike a single-member election, in which people can vote only for candidates who represent their particular legislative district, at-large elections allow every person to vote on each vacant position within a governing body.
atlas (cap.) in Greek mythology, a Titan condemned to support the heavens on his shoulders. [5 definitions]
Atlas Mountains a range of mountains in northwest Africa stretching across the southwestern part of Morocco and northern parts of Algeria and Tunisia.
at last after a long time or wait; finally.
at least at the lowest amount; not less than. [2 definitions]
at leisure having free or spare time; not working or otherwise occupied.
at length for a long time; in great detail. [2 definitions]
at liberty free from bondage. [2 definitions]
at loggerheads engaged in an argument or dispute.
at loose ends in an unsettled, uncertain, or confused state. [2 definitions]
ATM abbreviation of "automated teller machine," a computerized machine serving the function of a bank teller.
atman in Hinduism, the individual soul striving for enlightenment; breath of life. [2 definitions]
ATM card a plastic card that enables the holder to access an automated teller machine to obtain cash drawn from or charged against a bank account.
atmosphere the mass of gases surrounding the earth or any other celestial body. [3 definitions]
atmospheric of, pertaining to, or consisting of the mass of gases surrounding the earth. [2 definitions]
atmospherics (used with a sing. verb) static in radio reception caused by atmospheric electrical activity. [2 definitions]
at odds not in agreement; out of harmony.
atoll a ring-shaped island or reef that surrounds a lagoon.