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bijou a jewel. [2 definitions]
bijugate having two pairs of leaflets, as certain leaves with a featherlike structure.
bike (informal) a bicycle, motorcycle, or motorbike. [2 definitions]
bikeway a roadway or trail reserved for bicycle riding.
bikini a very brief, two-piece bathing suit for women, or underpants cut like the bottom half of this bathing suit.
bilabial having two lips, as certain flowers; bilabiate. [3 definitions]
bilabiate having two lips, as certain flowers.
bilateral having two, esp. symmetrical, sides. [3 definitions]
bilayer biological material composed of two layers of molecules, such as lipids in a cell membrane.
bilberry any of several woody wild or cultivated North American plants that produce edible dark blue berries. [2 definitions]
bilbo (often pl.) a long iron bar with sliding shackles, formerly used to fetter prisoners' feet.
bildungsroman a novel that concerns itself primarily with the psychological and moral development of the main character, usually from youth into adulthood.
bile a bitter yellowish secretion of the liver that aids in the digestion of fats. [2 definitions]
bilge the rounded part of a ship's hull between the bottom and the sides. [5 definitions]
biliary of, pertaining to, or carrying bile.
bilingual capable of speaking two languages almost equally well. [2 definitions]
bilious suffering from an excess of bile or malfunction of the liver. [3 definitions]
bilk to defraud or swindle, esp. by avoiding due or promised payment. [3 definitions]
bill1 a written statement listing items or services and their cost. [7 definitions]
bill2 the parts of a bird's jaw that form the beak. [3 definitions]
billabong in Australia, a pool formed by a backwater channel of a stream.