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bleary-eyed having blurred vision, as from fatigue or tears. [2 definitions]
bleat the characteristic vocal sound of a goat, sheep, or calf. [4 definitions]
bled past tense and past participle of bleed.
bleed to lose blood. [7 definitions]
bleeder one who bleeds readily. [3 definitions]
bleeding the act or process of losing blood. [3 definitions]
bleeding heart any of several flowering plants, esp. a common garden variety with drooping red or deep pink, heart-shaped flowers. [2 definitions]
bleep a short sharp high-pitched sound; beep. [2 definitions]
blemish to mar or otherwise cause imperfections in. [3 definitions]
blench1 to flinch or draw back in fear; quail.
blench2 variant of blanch.
blend to combine (two or more components) so thoroughly as to be unrecognizable in the resulting mixture. [8 definitions]
blende zinc or zinc sulfide; sphalerite. [2 definitions]
blended whiskey a blend of two straight whiskeys, or of one with neutral spirits in which the hundred-proof straight whiskey constitutes at least twenty percent of the combined volume.
blend in to merge with, fit in with, or be indistinguishable from, the surroundings or other people.
blenny any of several small saltwater fishes with a long, tapering, slimy body.
bless to make holy by religious ritual; sanctify. [5 definitions]
blessed hallowed; sanctified. [4 definitions]
blessing the formal religious act of one who blesses, or the words spoken as part of such act. [4 definitions]
blest a past tense and past participle of bless. [2 definitions]
bleu cheese see blue cheese.