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bush league (informal) the minor leagues in U.S. baseball.
bush-league (informal) pertaining to a second-rate group or sphere of activity. [2 definitions]
bush leaguer (informal) someone associated with a bush-league group or sphere of activity. [2 definitions]
bushman (cap.) a member of a nomadic aboriginal tribe of southwest Africa. [2 definitions]
bushmaster a large, poisonous, tropical American snake.
bushranger in Australia, a bandit who lives in the bush.
bushwhack to advance through a forest by cutting away low vegetation. [2 definitions]
bushy resembling a bush; thick and shaggy. [2 definitions]
business an occupation or trade. [8 definitions]
business college a school that offers instruction in business-related skills, such as typing, bookkeeping, and business administration.
business envelope an envelope that will enclose a sheet of paper eight and a half inches wide that has been folded twice lengthwise.
businesslike having qualities useful in business; serious; efficient; systematic.
businessman a man who works in business or commerce.
businesswoman a woman who works in business or commerce.
busing in the United States, the transportation of school children in buses to schools that are not the nearest to their homes, esp. in order to achieve racial balance.
buskin a boot, open in front and at the toes, that is secured with laces and that reaches halfway up the calf.
busman a person who operates a bus; bus driver.
busman's holiday leisure time spent doing something similar to one's work.
buss to kiss. [2 definitions]
bus stop a point along a bus route where the bus will stop to allow passengers to board or exit.
bust1 a sculpture or other representation of the upper portion of the human body from the head to the shoulders or chest. [2 definitions]