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creditor one to whom money is owed.
credit rating a rating of the worthiness of an individual or company to be extended credit, based on previous repayment of debts, financial stability, and the like.
credit union a cooperative financial association that provides its members with services such as checking or savings accounts and loans at low interest rates.
credo any formulation of belief, esp. a religious one; creed. [2 definitions]
credulity an inclination to believe or trust, esp. without sufficient basis or evidence; gullibility.
credulous disposed to believe, esp. on scanty evidence; gullible. [2 definitions]
Cree a member of a North American Indian tribe of the central Canadian provinces. [2 definitions]
creed any formulated system of principles, beliefs, or opinions, esp. in a religion. [2 definitions]
Creek a member of the strong confederacy of Indian tribes formed from groups previously in Alabama and Georgia, and now mostly in Oklahoma. [2 definitions]
creek a stream, smaller than a river, in some places flowing only after rain falls or snow melts.
creel a portable basketlike container carried by a person who is fishing, to hold the fish that have been caught. [2 definitions]
creep to move with the body close to or dragging along on the ground or other surface; crawl. [12 definitions]
creepage a gradual movement as of soil, rock, or glaciers.
creeper a person, animal, or thing that creeps. [6 definitions]
creep up on to silently approach from behind or in such as way as to surprise.
creepy of or causing a feeling of anxiety, fear, or revulsion similar to that which might be produced by something creeping on one's skin. [3 definitions]
creese variant of kris.
cremate to burn to ashes (esp. a human corpse in a funeral).
crematory a furnace for cremating, or the building in which cremation occurs. [2 definitions]
crème cream. [2 definitions]
crème brûlée (French) a rich egg custard with a topping of caramelized sugar.