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demoralize to weaken or destroy the confidence, courage, spirit, or morale of. [3 definitions]
demote to lower in position, grade, class, or rank.
demotic of or relating to the common people; popular. [2 definitions]
demulcent soothing, as an ointment or the like. [2 definitions]
demur to object or indicate opposition to something. [3 definitions]
demure quiet, shy, modest, or reserved in manner. [2 definitions]
demurrage the delay in loading or unloading a ship or other freight carrier beyond a previously specified time. [2 definitions]
demurrer a plea for the dismissal of a lawsuit based on the alleged insufficiency of the opposition's contentions to support its claim, or on other legal defects. [3 definitions]
demythologize to discount or do away with the mythological characteristics or mythical associations of, as in an attempt to arrive at a more realistic understanding.
den the resting place or retreat of a large predatory wild animal, such as a wolf or lion; lair. [4 definitions]
denarius a silver coin of ancient Rome. [2 definitions]
denationalize to remove (an industry or the like) from government control and place in the hands of private owners. [2 definitions]
denaturalize to strip of citizenship in a country. [2 definitions]
denature to change or remove the natural characteristics or properties of. [3 definitions]
dendrite a crystalline mineral deposit that appears in another mineral or stone in a branching, treelike form. [2 definitions]
dendro- tree.
dendrology the scientific study of trees and shrubs.
-dendron tree or shrub.
Deneb the brightest star in the constellation Cygnus, having a magnitude of 1.2.
dengue an infectious tropical fever causing a rash and severe pains in the joints.
deniable capable of being denied.