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discriminable able to be differentiated, distinguished, or discriminated.
discriminate to judge or act toward someone on a categorical rather than individual basis (usu. fol. by "against)". [4 definitions]
discriminating perceiving fine differences or distinctions. [2 definitions]
discrimination the act of discriminating, differentiating, or distinguishing. [3 definitions]
discriminatory demonstrating prejudice against groups or individuals.
discursive ranging over numerous topics, esp. in an orderly or coherent way. [2 definitions]
discus a disk of standardized weight, usu. of wood with a metal rim, thrown for distance in track and field competitions. [2 definitions]
discuss to talk together about; confer on. [2 definitions]
discussable combined form of discuss.
discussant a participant in a formal discussion.
discussion the act or an instance of discussing, or, collectively, the various things said while discussing.
disdain to regard or treat with contempt; scorn. [3 definitions]
disdainful feeling or showing scorn, contempt, or aloofness.
disease an abnormal physical or mental condition that causes an organism to function wrongly; illness; sickness. [2 definitions]
diseased affected by disease or illness.
disembark to put or go ashore from a ship.
disembarrass to rid or free (someone) from something embarrassing, frustrating, burdensome, or the like; relieve.
disembody to take away or free (the soul or spirit) from the body.
disembowel to remove the bowels or guts from.
disenchant to make free of enchantment or illusion.
disencumber to remove encumbrances or burdens from.