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fusillade a continuous or simultaneous discharge of many firearms. [3 definitions]
fusion the process or act of fusing. [4 definitions]
fusion bomb see hydrogen bomb.
fusionism the practice or theory of forming coalitions of political parties.
fuss excessive nervous activity or needless attention. [5 definitions]
fussbudget (informal) one who is excessively worried or tends to find fault over trivial details.
fussy tending to fuss. [3 definitions]
fustian a thick fabric of cotton, cotton and flax, or cotton and wool, with a short pile. [5 definitions]
fusty full of or smelling like mold or mildew. [2 definitions]
fut. abbreviation of "future."
futile unlikely to produce or incapable of producing a desired result; ineffective; useless. [2 definitions]
futility the state or quality of being futile; uselessness. [2 definitions]
futtock one of the segments of the curved wooden ribs in the hull of a ship.
future time that is yet to come. [7 definitions]
futureless combined form of future.
future life life after death; afterlife.
future perfect a verb tense that indicates that an action or state will be completed at some time before a moment in the future, as in "By then he will have realized his error". [2 definitions]
future shock the physical or psychological distress caused by the inability to adjust to the many technological changes in modern society.
future tense a form of a verb that shows that something will happen or a condition will exist in the future. In the sentence "We will go to the zoo," "will go" is in the future tense.
futurism (sometimes cap.) a theory of art and life that predicts a society of increased mechanization, power, speed, and alienation.
futuristic of or pertaining to the future or futurism.