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intelligence test any of several standardized tests designed to determine an individual's intelligence by his or her ability to solve certain problems.
intelligent having or showing the capacity to learn, reason, and understand; possessing intelligence. [4 definitions]
intelligentsia the elite class of intellectual or educated people within a society, or those who consider themselves part of such a class.
intelligible capable of being clearly understood; comprehensible.
intemperance lack of restraint in the indulgence of an appetite, esp. the consumption of alcohol. [2 definitions]
intemperate lacking moderation or restraint; excessive, overindulgent, violent, or the like.
intend to have in mind as something that one desires or plans to do. [5 definitions]
intendant a government manager or superintendent of some public operation or office.
intended planned and done with complete awareness; intentional; deliberate. [3 definitions]
intense having an extreme degree of something, such as heat, or existing in an extreme degree or state. [3 definitions]
intensifier something or someone that intensifies. [2 definitions]
intensify to make stronger, more acute, or more intense. [2 definitions]
intensity the quality of being intense. [4 definitions]
intensive of, marked by, or relating to intensity. [5 definitions]
intent1 conscious plan; aim; intention. [2 definitions]
intent2 highly concentrated in attention; focused. [3 definitions]
intention a decided course of action; plan. [4 definitions]
intentional done on purpose; deliberate; premeditated. [2 definitions]
inter to bury in a grave or tomb.
inter- among; between. [2 definitions]
interact to react to one another in a social situation. [2 definitions]