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kosher allowable according to Jewish dietary laws. [4 definitions]
koto a Japanese musical instrument consisting of thirteen waxed silk strings stretched over a convex wooden sounding board, played by plucking the strings with three plectra that are worn on one hand.
kowtow to show extreme or excessive deference. [3 definitions]
KP abbreviation of "kitchen police."
Kr symbol of the chemical element krypton.
kraal in South Africa, a native village enclosed by a fence or stockade. [3 definitions]
kraft a strong brownish paper made from wood pulp treated with a sulfate solution, used to make bags or wrapping paper.
krait any of several venomous snakes of southeastern Asia, having black or brown skin covered with yellow bands.
krater a two-handled bowl with a wide body and neck used to mix wine and water in ancient Greece.
Kremlin the citadel of Moscow, housing the government offices of Russia; Russian government (prec. by the).
krimmer a gray, curly fur made from the pelts of lambs of the Crimean region.
kris a short, double-edged Malayan dagger, usu. having a wavy blade.
Krishna an incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu, and the second god of the Hindu trinity.
Kriss Kringle see Santa Claus.
Kristallnacht the night of November 9, 1938, also known as the "night of broken glass," during which Nazis in Germany, Austria, and other German-occupied regions of central Europe carried out countless acts of violence against Jews and Jewish property, particularly centering on the destruction and ruination of synagogues and Jewish-owned businesses.
krona1 the chief monetary unit of Sweden, equaling one hundred öre.
krona2 the chief monetary unit of Iceland, equaling one hundred aurar.
krone1 the chief monetary unit of Denmark and Norway, equaling one hundred öre.
krone2 a gold coin formerly minted in Germany worth ten marks. [2 definitions]
kroner pl. of krone1.
krypton an inert gaseous chemical element that has thirty-six protons in each nucleus, used esp. as the atmosphere in high-powered light bulbs. (symbol: Kr)