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nethermost lowest.
nether world the world of the dead; underworld; hell.
netting a fabric with an open netlike weave. [2 definitions]
nettle one of a variety of herbs, the leaves of which are covered with hairs that release a stinging substance when touched. [3 definitions]
net ton see short ton.
network a system or process that involves a number of persons, groups or organizations. [7 definitions]
networking a process of sharing resources and information among individuals, groups, or organizations that share a common goal.
Neufchâtel a soft, white cheese made from whole or skimmed milk.
neural of or relating to the nervous system or a nerve. [2 definitions]
neuralgia sudden occurrences of short, sharp pains along a nerve.
neurasthenia a condition of exhaustion, confusion, and depression resulting from profound mental or emotional strain; nervous breakdown.
neuritis inflammation of a nerve, sometimes causing pain or loss of muscle control.
neuro- nerve; nervous system. [2 definitions]
neurologist a doctor who specializes in neurology.
neurology the branch of medical science that deals with the nervous system and diseases that affect it.
neuron a single nerve cell, including its axons and dendrites.
neuropathy any disease or irregularity of the nervous system.
neuropsychiatry a branch of medicine that is concerned with the treatment of disorders of both the mind and the nervous system.
neuropteran a neuropterous insect.
neuropterous relating or belonging to a group of insects that have four membranous, lacy wings, such as the lacewing and ant lion.
neurosis any of several functional disorders of the mind that are apparently not caused by any injury to the brain and are manifested by depression, phobias, compulsions, and the like.