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periodontics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of dentistry concerned with diseases and treatment of the gums, bones, and tissues surrounding the teeth.
periosteum a tough, fibrous membrane that covers all bones except at the joints.
peripatetic walking or traveling around; going from place to place; itinerant. [2 definitions]
peripheral of, relating to, or forming a periphery. [3 definitions]
peripheral vision the ability to see objects and motion to either side while looking straight ahead.
periphery the outer boundary or edge of an area or surface, or the region directly inside or outside of this. [2 definitions]
periphrasis an indirect or roundabout way of phrasing something; circumlocution. [2 definitions]
periphrastic roundabout; circumlocutory. [2 definitions]
perique a strong, rich, black tobacco grown in Louisiana that is used mainly in blends.
perisarc the tough nonliving outer layer that encloses many hydrozoans.
periscope a tubular optical instrument fitted with mirrors and prisms so as to allow one to see what is not in the direct line of sight or what is obstructed from sight.
perish to die or be destroyed, esp. in an untimely or unnatural way. [2 definitions]
perishable subject to death, decay, or destruction. [3 definitions]
peristalsis a process of muscular contractions and relaxations along a tubular muscular system, such as that which forces food through the digestive system.
peristome the area or appendages surrounding certain mouthlike openings, as in mosses and some invertebrates.
peristyle a row or series of architectural columns forming an enclosure around a building or open space, or the open space so enclosed, esp. as used in classical Greek architecture or copies of it.
peritoneum the membrane that lines the abdomen and encloses the abdominal organs.
peritonitis inflammation of the membrane that lines the abdominal cavity.
periwig a wig, esp. of the type worn by men in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
periwinkle1 any of various edible marine snails, or its thick, whorled, conical shell.
periwinkle2 any of several related low, trailing plants that have shiny evergreen leaves and bear small flowers, usu. in shades of blue, purple, or white.