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puffy swollen; inflated. [2 definitions]
pug1 any of a breed of small dogs with short, smooth hair, a wide, wrinkled face, a snub nose, and a tightly curled tail.
pug2 to knead or work (clay) with water until it has a plastic consistency. [2 definitions]
pugilism the art, practice, or profession of fighting with one's fists; boxing.
pugilist one who boxes, esp. as a professional.
pugnacious ready or eager to fight; overly aggressive or quarrelsome.
pugnacity readiness or eagerness to fight or argue.
pug nose a short, broad, somewhat flattened nose, turned up at the end.
puissance great strength or power; might.
puissant having great strength or power; mighty.
Puja holidays a major Hindu festival, also known as Durga Puja, lasting several days every autumn.
puke (slang) to vomit. [3 definitions]
pul the smaller monetary unit of Afghanistan. (Cf. afghani.)
pula the chief monetary unit of Botswana, equaling one hundred thebe.
pulchritude physical beauty or attractiveness.
pule to cry with a weak or whiny voice; whimper.
puli1 a medium-sized sheep dog, bred originally in Hungary, having long hair that mats in shaggy coils.
puli2 a plural of pul.
Pulitzer Prize any of several annual prizes established by journalist Joseph Pulitzer and awarded for outstanding achievement to U.S. journalists, authors, playwrights, and composers.
pull to bring or try to bring closer by taking hold of and exerting force. [16 definitions]
pullback the act of withdrawing or pulling back, esp. the prearranged, orderly withdrawal of military forces. [2 definitions]