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put to shame to cause to feel ashamed; disgrace. [2 definitions]
put to the sword to kill, esp. with a sword; execute.
put to use to apply or employ to one's advantage.
putty any of several semisolid, pliable substances used for sealing joints, securing window panes, filling small holes, and the like. [2 definitions]
putty knife a tool with a broad, flexible blade for applying putty.
puttyless combined form of putty.
put-up (informal) planned or arranged secretly beforehand.
put up with to accept or live with something bad.
put words in one's mouth to misinterpret or misrepresent what someone has said.
putz (slang) a stupid person; fool. [3 definitions]
puzzle a toy or enjoyable problem that requires thought, and sometimes manipulation of something, for a solution. [4 definitions]
puzzlement a condition of being mystified or confused. [2 definitions]
puzzle out to work out a solution to (something that is puzzling).
PVC abbreviation of "polyvinyl chloride," a white thermoplastic resin, widely used in rainwear, pipes, floor tiles, and garden hoses.
Pvt. abbreviation of "Private," a soldier belonging to one of the lowest ranks.
PX abbreviation of "post exchange," trademark for a retail store on U.S. Army property that sells goods and services to military personnel and their families, and to some civilians.
pya the smaller monetary unit of Myanmar. (Cf. kyat.)
pye-dog a half-wild dog of southern and eastern Asia that travels in packs near villages.
pyemia a form of blood poisoning characterized by the presence of pus-producing bacteria in the bloodstream that causes an outbreak of abscesses in various parts of the body.
Pygmalion in Greek and Roman mythology, a king of Cyprus who made a statue of a woman with which he fell in love, and which Aphrodite then brought to life. (Cf. Galatea.)
Pygmy one of a race of African or Asian people of small stature. [2 definitions]