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rabid of or pertaining to rabies or to one infected with rabies. [3 definitions]
rabies an infectious viral disease of mammals usu. transmitted by the bite of an infected animal, causing inflammation of the central nervous system that results in violent and irrational behavior followed by death if not treated.
raccoon a nocturnal North American mammal having brownish gray fur, masklike black facial markings, and black rings around the tail. [2 definitions]
raccoon dog a small wild dog of Asia that has long loose fur, a short thick tail, and dark markings around the eyes resembling those of a raccoon.
race1 a sport or competition of speed. [8 definitions]
race2 a human population sharing certain common hereditary physical features. [5 definitions]
racecar an automobile used in auto racing.
racecourse a track or route along which races are run.
racehorse a horse trained or bred for racing.
raceme in botany, a type of flowering in which blooms occur on short stalks extending from the main axis of the stem.
racemic of a chemical compound, containing equal quantities of isomers that rotate polarized light to the left and right, so that the net effect is zero.
racer a person who takes part in races. [3 definitions]
race riot widespread violence or destruction in a community that arises from racial conflict or hatred.
racerunner any of several fast-moving long-tailed American lizards.
racetrack a track or course used for racing.
raceway a narrow artificial channel for water; millrace. [2 definitions]
rachis the central axis or shaft of an inflorescence of a compound leaf. [3 definitions]
rachitis inflammation of the spine; rickets.
racial characteristic of a single race or of particular races of people. [2 definitions]
racialism the adherence to or practice of racism.
racing form a printed sheet or booklet containing information about the horses running at one or several racetracks.