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razzmatazz (informal) flashy or deceptive action or language; razzle-dazzle. [2 definitions]
Rb symbol of the chemical element rubidium.
rBGH abbreviation of recombinant bovine growth hormone, a genetically engineered hormone injected into dairy cows to increase their milk production.
RBI abbreviation of "run batted in," or "runs batted in."
RC abbreviation of "Roman Catholic," of or relating to the Roman Catholic Church. [2 definitions]
RD abbreviation of "rural delivery," delivery of mail along rural routes, usu. to a roadside mailbox rather than to the door.
Rd. abbreviation of "Road," a long, narrow course, with a smooth and often paved surface, made for the passage of vehicles and people; street; highway (used in a proper name).
RDA abbreviation of "recommended daily allowance."
Re symbol of the chemical element rhenium.
re1 in music, the syllable that denotes the second tone of a diatonic scale. (See sol-fa.) [2 definitions]
re2 having to do with; in reference to; concerning.
re- anew; again. [3 definitions]
reaccelerate combined form of accelerate.
reaccept combined form of accept.
reaccession combined form of accession.
reacclimatize combined form of acclimatize.
reaccredit combined form of accredit.
reaccreditation combined form of accreditation.
reach to extend or expand as far as. [13 definitions]
reachable combined form of reach.
reacquaint combined form of acquaint.