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sociopolitical involving both social and political elements.
sock1 a covering for the foot made of a woven or knitted material and extending to a point between the ankle and knee. [2 definitions]
sock2 (informal) to hit or strike hard, esp. with a fist. [2 definitions]
sock cymbal a high-hat.
socket a cavity or opening in which something is fitted or inserted, such as a receptacle in a wall, designed to receive electric plugs. [3 definitions]
socket wrench a box wrench with a rounded socket that fits over a nut or bolt of a particular size and shape.
sockeye salmon an edible red-fleshed salmon found in the coastal waters of the North Pacific.
sock it to someone (slang) to deliver a devastating criticism or blow to someone.
Socrates an Athenian philosopher (469?-399 B.C.).
Socratic method a method, used by Socrates, of teaching, arguing, or discussing in which a series of questions and answers is used to test definitions, clarify concepts, elicit admissions, or the like.
sod a piece of grassy turf that has been cut or torn away with the roots. [3 definitions]
soda a beverage made with carbonated water and a sweet flavoring. [5 definitions]
soda ash crude sodium carbonate, used in water treatment and the manufacture of industrial products.
soda cracker a thin crisp usu. square cracker leavened with baking soda.
soda fountain a counter in a restaurant or store equipped to serve ice cream dishes, soft drinks, and light meals or snacks. [2 definitions]
soda jerk (informal) one who prepares and serves sodas and other ice cream dishes at a soda fountain.
sodality an association or society, esp. a devotional or charitable association within the Roman Catholic Church. [2 definitions]
soda pop an artificially flavored and carbonated soft drink; soda.
soda water water charged under pressure with carbon dioxide, used as a mixer and beverage. [2 definitions]
sodden drenched with liquid; saturated; soaked. [5 definitions]
sodium a highly reactive chemical element of the alkali metal group that has eleven protons in each nucleus and that occurs naturally only in compounds such as sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate. (symbol: Na)