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spontaneous generation the theory that living organisms can be created entirely from inanimate matter; abiogenesis.
spoof a humorous imitation; good-natured mocking; lampoon. [5 definitions]
spook (informal) a ghost; phantom. [4 definitions]
spooky eerie and mysterious; weirdly disturbing.
spool a cylindrical object, usu. with a rim on each end, on which thread, tape, wire, photographic film, or the like is wound. [3 definitions]
spoon a utensil with a small shallow bowl at the end of a handle, used for eating, stirring, serving, or measuring. [4 definitions]
spoonbill any of several large wading birds that have a long, flat, spoon-shaped bill. [2 definitions]
spoondrift spindrift.
spoonerism a usu. unintentional switching of the initial sounds of two or more words, such as "sped rot" for "red spot".
spoon-fed fed by a spoon, esp. with liquid or semiliquid food. [2 definitions]
spoon-feed to feed with a spoon, esp. with liquid or semiliquid food. [2 definitions]
spoonful the amount a spoon can hold.
spoor the track, trail, or droppings of a wild animal.
sporadic occurring irregularly or in a thinly scattered manner in time or space.
sporangium a plant cell or organ such as a sac or branch that produces spores; spore case.
spore a tiny reproductive body consisting of one or more cells, produced by ferns, fungi, and other organisms. [2 definitions]
spore case a sporangium.
sporo- spore.
sporogonium the organism in mosses and liverworts that produces spores, usu. a sac or capsule on the stalk.
sporophyll a leaf or leaflike structure that produces spores.
sporophyte in a plant that undergoes alternation of generations, the form that is produced by a fertilized egg and in turn produces spores. (Cf. gametophyte.)