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swirl to move along or around with a whirling or spiral motion. [5 definitions]
swirly whirling, swirling, or spinning.
swish to move rapidly, making a whistling or rustling sound. [4 definitions]
Swiss of or pertaining to Switzerland or its people, culture, or the like. [3 definitions]
Swiss chard see chard.
Swiss cheese a white or pale yellow hard cheese with many large holes, originally produced in Switzerland.
Swiss steak a thick cut of steak coated with flour, pounded with a meat hammer or the like, braised, and served with a sauce of tomatoes and other vegetables.
switch a shift; change. [10 definitions]
switchable combined form of switch.
switchback a road, path, or railroad track that climbs a mountain or other steep grade by using a zigzag route.
switchblade a pocketknife with a blade that is released by pushing a button, usu. considered as a weapon.
switchboard a central panel or panels with switches for connecting and disconnecting telephone circuits or electrical circuits.
switch-hitter a baseball player who is able to bat either left-handed or right-handed. [2 definitions]
switchman a man who is in charge of switching trains or railroad cars from one track to another.
switch off to stop the flow of electricity to something.
switch on to start the flow of electricity to something.
switchyard a railroad yard where railroad cars are moved from one track to another by means of a series of switches.
Switzer a native or inhabitant of Switzerland; Swiss.
Switzerland a country in central Europe in the Alps, between France, Germany, Austria, and Italy.
swivel a fastener or mount that allows the object fastened or mounted to turn freely or pivot. [5 definitions]
swivel chair a chair whose seat turns horizontally on its base.