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taboret a small tabor. [2 definitions]
tabu variant of taboo.
tabular of, arranged as, or calculated from a table or other systematic arrangement. [2 definitions]
tabula rasa anything, esp. the mind, that is considered to be blank and without impressions, until it is formed through experience.
tabulate to arrange or organize systematically, esp. in the form of a table. [4 definitions]
tabulator a person or machine that tabulates. [2 definitions]
tacamahac any of various strong-smelling, resinlike substances used to add aroma to ointments and incenses. [2 definitions]
tachina fly any of numerous gray and black dipterous flies whose larvae are parasitic on other insects such as caterpillars and beetles.
tachometer an instrument for measuring speed, esp. the revolutions per minute of a rotating shaft.
tachyon a theoretical particle, smaller than an atom, that travels faster than the speed of light.
tacit suggested, implied, or understood, without being expressed in words.
taciturn habitually silent and uncommunicative.
tack a short pin, usu. with a flat, broad head. [12 definitions]
tackle equipment or gear used in a sport or hobby such as fishing. [7 definitions]
tack room a room in or near a stable where equipment such as saddles and bridles is kept.
tacky1 gummy or sticky, as partially dried glue or varnish.
tacky2 in poor taste or style; shabby.
taco a Mexican dish consisting of a folded tortilla with a filling, as of meat or cheese.
taconite a fine-grained sedimentary rock with enough iron content to be used as low-grade iron ore.
tact graceful sensitivity in dealing with others; diplomacy.
tactful having or displaying tact.