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transfix to pierce through with, or as though with, something sharply pointed; impale. [2 definitions]
transform to change the form, appearance, or structure of. [4 definitions]
transformable combined form of transform.
transformation a significant change in the form, structure, character, or nature of something or someone. [2 definitions]
transformational grammar a system of grammar that accounts for sentence and phrase structures by applying a set of transformational rules to the basic structures of a language.
transformative causing transformation.
transformer a device that transfers electric current from one circuit or set of circuits to another, by means of electromagnetic induction and usu. for the purpose of changing voltage. [2 definitions]
transfuse to transmit or impart, as by causing to flow or become diffused. [2 definitions]
transfusion the act or process of transfusing, or the thing transfused. [2 definitions]
transgress to violate a law, religious commandment, or the like; commit a crime or sin. [3 definitions]
transgression the act or an instance of transgressing; sin; crime; trespass.
tranship variant of transship.
transience the state or quality of being transient.
transient brief in duration; transitory or temporary. [4 definitions]
transistor a compact electronic device that uses semiconductors to regulate current flow and thus requires much less energy for operation than a vacuum tube. [2 definitions]
transistorize to equip (a circuit or electronic device) with transistors.
transit the act or process of passing over, across, or through; passage. [7 definitions]
transit instrument a telescope mounted so that it can be rotated only along a longitudinal meridian, used to observe and measure the transit time of celestial bodies across that meridian.
transition change from one position, stage, or situation to another.
transitional of or pertaining to transition.
transition element any chemical element, usu. metallic, characterized by a partially filled inner shell of electrons.