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unintentionally combined form of intentionally.
uninterested having no interest; paying no heed; indifferent.
uninteresting combined form of interesting.
uninterrupted combined form of interrupted.
unintimidated combined form of intimidated.
uninventive combined form of inventive.
uninvited combined form of invited.
uninviting combined form of inviting.
uninvolved combined form of involved.
union the act of uniting. [6 definitions]
union card a card that identifies a person as a member of a specific labor union.
unionism the principle of forming or belonging to a union. [3 definitions]
unionize to cause to form into or join with a union. [2 definitions]
union jack (cap.) the national flag of the United Kingdom. [2 definitions]
Union of South Africa see South Africa.
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics see Soviet Union.
union shop a shop, business, or the like, whose employees are required to join a union.
union suit an undershirt and underpants combined in one garment.
unique being the only one of its type; sole; single. [5 definitions]
unironically combined form of ironically.
unirradiated combined form of irradiated.