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usury the act or practice of lending money at excessive or illegal interest rates. [2 definitions]
UT abbreviation of "Utah," a western U.S. state between Nevada and Colorado.
Utah a western U.S. state between Nevada and Colorado. (abbr.: UT)
Ute one of an American Indian people now mainly residing in Utah and Colorado. [2 definitions]
utensil a device, instrument, or container, esp. one used in a kitchen.
uterine of or relating to the uterus. [2 definitions]
uterus the muscular organ of a female mammal in which the fertilized ovum is held and develops before birth; womb. [2 definitions]
utilitarian of, concerning, or aiming at usefulness. [4 definitions]
utilitarianism the nineteenth-century ethical doctrine that usefulness is the greatest good and that human action should tend to produce the greatest good or happiness for the greatest number of people.
utility the quality or condition of being useful; usefulness. [5 definitions]
utility room a room used for storing various appliances and equipment, as for the upkeep of a home or business establishment.
utilize to put to a particular use; use.
utmost of the highest or greatest degree, amount, intensity, or the like; greatest. [3 definitions]
Uto-Aztecan a family of North and Central American languages, including Hopi, Nahuatl, Shoshone, and Ute. [2 definitions]
utopia (often cap.) an imagined or proposed place or society that is ideal, esp. in its laws, ethics, and customs.
utopian of or pertaining to a desirable but impractical perfection in political and social life, or characterizing one who imagines or proposes such a perfection. [3 definitions]
utopianism a utopian's ideas of social and political perfection.
utricle the larger of two saclike cavities in the inner ear, useful in the maintenance of bodily equilibrium. [2 definitions]
utter1 to give forth (a sound or words) vocally.
utter2 total or complete in degree or extent; absolute; unqualified.
utterance something spoken, cried out, or otherwise vocally expressed. [3 definitions]