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abbreviate to represent in writing by using a shorter form or a few letters. [1/2 definitions]
Basic English a copyrighted, simplified version of the English language, limited to 850 necessary words and a few grammatical rules, and used esp. as an international communication aid.
betatron in physics, an electron accelerator in which the speed of the electrons is increased to high energies, from a few million to a few hundred million electron volts, by the action of a rapidly changing magnetic field.
concise short and to the point; saying much in a few words.
corollary in mathematics, a proposition whose proof directly follows in one or a few steps from the proof of another proposition. [1/4 definitions]
esoteric understood or known only by a few persons who have special training, access, or interests. [1/2 definitions]
get-together a gathering of a few people for social purposes.
in a nutshell in a few words; briefly.
low-rise of a building, having only a few stories. (Cf. high-rise.) [1/2 definitions]
mayfly any of various fragile, winged insects that have a long aquatic larval stage, but that live in the adult stage for only a few hours. [1/2 definitions]
melody a short musical composition containing one or a few musical ideas; song or tune. [1/3 definitions]
mention to speak of, refer to, or say, usu. in a few words or in passing. [1/3 definitions]
oligarchy a government or state in which a few people or a family rule. [1/2 definitions]
scuffle to take part in a brief, confused fight among a few people. [2/3 definitions]
secret something known only to a few people. [1/8 definitions]
slip stitch a loose, continuous stitch, as on a facing or hem, in which the needle takes up only a few threads of the fabric so that it will be invisible on the outside.
step to move by taking one or a few steps. [1/12 definitions]