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abstract something that is abstract or regarded apart from the concrete. [2/13 definitions]
abstractable combined form of abstract.
abstraction an abstract or general idea, concept, or term. [1/4 definitions]
allegorize to perceive or understand in an abstract or symbolic sense. [1/3 definitions]
allegory a device in art or literature by which abstract moral or spiritual qualities are represented by concrete characters, things, and events. [1/2 definitions]
compendium an abridgement, summary, or abstract. [1/2 definitions]
deep structure in transformational grammar, the abstract syntactic pattern that underlies the construction and interpretation of a sentence.
edifice an abstract structure or system that has developed in a complex manner. [1/2 definitions]
free-form having an irregular, often curvilinear contour or shape, esp. in graphic design or abstract art. [1/2 definitions]
-ility (such) a quality or condition of being (used to form abstract nouns from adjectives ending in -le or -ile.).
instantiate to serve as or provide a concrete example, embodiment, or evidence of (something abstract).
intellectual devoted to study, speculation, and abstract mental activity. [1/4 definitions]
it used to indicate an animal, abstract thing, group, inanimate object, or being of undetermined gender that has been mentioned or is about to be mentioned. [1/6 definitions]
mass noun a noun that denotes an abstract, uncountable entity and is not preceded by "a" or "an," such as "integrity," "filth," or "information".
metaphysical highly abstract. [1/3 definitions]
metaphysics abstract and speculative philosophy in general. [1/2 definitions]
nonabstract combined form of abstract.
nonobjective designating or being a style or example of graphic art in which objects are not depicted as they appear in reality; abstract; nonrepresentational.
nonrepresentational designating a style in visual arts by which the artist does not attempt to portray objects or people of the natural world; abstract.
op art a style of abstract, usu. hard-edged art in which forms, spaces, and colors are deliberately arranged to produce optical ambiguities and illusions.
overabstract combined form of abstract.