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a1 a grade given for excellent academic work. [1/6 definitions]
academe the academic environment or life.
antiacademic combined form of academic.
b a grade given for good, but not excellent, academic work. [1/5 definitions]
bulletin a publication that appears at regular intervals, esp. one issued by an academic organization. [1/2 definitions]
c1 a grade given for average, satisfactory, or mediocre academic work. [1/5 definitions]
cap and gown a mortarboard and robe worn at certain academic ceremonies such as graduation.
coach a person who trains or tutors a student in a specialized field, such as singing, acting, or an academic subject. [1/8 definitions]
colloquium an academic seminar or series of lectures on a broad topic. [1/2 definitions]
comp2 (informal) a comprehensive examination, as at the end of an academic year, covering all work included in a course during that period of time.
comprehensive (often pl.) an examination covering an entire field or a whole academic year of study. [1/3 definitions]
cum laude with honor (used to indicate good academic performance).
d a grade given for poor, but not failing, academic work. [1/4 definitions]
dean's list a list of students with the highest overall academic grade averages in a given term.
degree an academic title granted by a university or college. [1/6 definitions]
disputation an academic debate on, or oral defense of, a thesis. [1/2 definitions]
doctorate the highest academic degree, esp. the Ph.D., awarded for completion of advanced work at the graduate level, or as an honorary degree, and conferring the title or status of doctor on the recipient; doctor's degree.
doctrine a belief or system of beliefs held and advocated by a religious, governmental, academic, or other group; dogma. [1/2 definitions]
emeritus one who has retired but who continues to hold an honorary title from his or her profession, usu. in an academic or religious institution. [1/2 definitions]
exam (informal) an examination, such as an academic test or physical checkup.
extracurricular outside the regular curriculum of a school, or outside of academic pursuits in a school. [1/2 definitions]