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abide to accept. [1/6 definitions]
absorb to accept or assume (cost). [1/3 definitions]
admit to accept or allow as valid; concede. [1/4 definitions]
adopt to become by law a parent of (a child who is not one's own offspring), or to accept responsibility for an animal as a pet. [2/3 definitions]
affiliate to accept or adopt as a close associate, esp. as a subordinate member or branch. [1/4 definitions]
asking price the price or cost of an item for sale (used by a seller usu. to indicate a willingness to accept less money after bargaining).
bat mitzvah in the Jewish faith, a ceremony in which it is recognized that a girl has come of age to accept her religious responsibilities. [1/2 definitions]
bear1 to take upon oneself or accept as a duty or obligation. [1/8 definitions]
believe to accept as honest or true. [2/6 definitions]
believe in to accept as real or true. [1/2 definitions]
bring around to encourage (one) to accept a certain line of thought; convince. [1/2 definitions]
buy (informal) to accept as valid; believe. [1/7 definitions]
convert to cause to accept different religious or political beliefs or attitudes. [1/5 definitions]
convince to cause to accept or believe; persuade (often fol. by "of").
defeatism the tendency to expect defeat or accept defeat with resignation.
deign to condescend to offer or accept. [1/2 definitions]
denial a refusal to accept a theory, doctrine, or belief. [2/5 definitions]
die-hard a person who stubbornly refuses to accept defeat or change, abandon a position, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
drum to force someone to learn or accept (something) by continual repetition. [1/10 definitions]
eat up to accept uncritically. [1/3 definitions]
embrace to take up or accept readily. [1/8 definitions]