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accountable having a possibly acceptable explanation; explicable. [1/2 definitions]
approximation a mathematical or scientific result that is within acceptable limits of accuracy. [1/3 definitions]
civil observing socially acceptable standards of politeness and courtesy. [1/4 definitions]
cleanup a process of making thoroughly clean, socially acceptable, or free from imperfection.
clean up to render socially acceptable. [1/3 definitions]
cocktail1 acceptable as semiformal clothing. [1/4 definitions]
code word a politically acceptable word or phrase that conveys a hidden meaning or disguises the truth by indirection; euphemism.
cool (informal) quite acceptable, decent, fair-minded, or admirable. [1/15 definitions]
decent fairly good; acceptable. [1/5 definitions]
dress code a set of rules defining acceptable clothing and appearance for a particular place, occasion, or group.
fair1 acceptable or reasonable. [2/12 definitions]
fine1 acceptable; satisfactory. [1/11 definitions]
fit1 suitable or acceptable for a particular person or group, or for a particular function; appropriate; right. [1/11 definitions]
gloss1 to give a falsely appealing or acceptable appearance to (usu. fol. by over). [1/4 definitions]
go1 to be permissible or acceptable. [1/26 definitions]
illegal in computer science, not recognizable or acceptable in a computer program; not performable. [1/2 definitions]
improper not in keeping with acceptable social behavior; unseemly or indecent. [1/2 definitions]
legitimize to make acceptable by particular standards or principles; justify. [1/3 definitions]
livable suitable or acceptable for living in or with; habitable; comfortable. [1/2 definitions]
living wage a wage that provides enough money for living at minimum acceptable standards.
no soap (informal) not possible or acceptable.