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academicism in the arts, rigid adherence to accepted and traditional forms.
acceptance the state of being accepted by others; approval. [1/4 definitions]
acceptation the generally accepted meaning of a word, phrase, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
adventurism impetuous, irresponsible acts or policies, esp. by a government or someone in power, in defiant violation of commonly accepted norms of behavior.
apocrypha (cap.) a group of fourteen books of the Old Testament that are rejected by Judaism, and considered by Protestants as uncanonical, eleven of which are accepted by the Roman Catholic Church. [1/2 definitions]
assumed accepted without question; presumed. [1/2 definitions]
authoritative accepted as correct, true, or reliable as a source of information; official. [1/2 definitions]
axiom an obvious or generally accepted principle. [2 definitions]
barbarism a use of words that violates accepted standards. [1/3 definitions]
barbarous violating accepted word usage. [1/3 definitions]
belief a notion or idea accepted as true, esp. a religious doctrine. [1/3 definitions]
belong to be accepted as part of a group; fit in. [1/4 definitions]
big lie a gross falsity, distortion, or misrepresentation that becomes widely accepted through constant repetition and elaboration (usu. prec. by the). [1/2 definitions]
canon1 a generally or universally accepted standard, principle, or criterion, or a set of these. [1/4 definitions]
canonical accepted as standard or authoritative. [1/3 definitions]
claim to state (something) as true although not proven or universally accepted to be true; assert, contend. [2/8 definitions]
convention a practice or procedure that is established by usage and widely accepted; custom. [1/4 definitions]
conventional adhering closely to accepted customs and standards. [1/3 definitions]
counterculture the values and way of life of any group of people who reject the accepted values and traditions of society, esp. those who reject materialism, war, and cultural regimentation by the elite classes.
custom an accepted or traditional practice, either of an individual or a social group. [1/8 definitions]
cynical callously taking advantage of others or violating accepted morals. [1/2 definitions]