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booth a stall or compartment meant to accommodate one person or a small group. [1/2 definitions]
conference table a table large enough to accommodate the participants in a conference.
fit1 to have room for; to accommodate. [1/11 definitions]
fossil something or someone that is outdated and cannot accommodate new ideas or practices. [1/3 definitions]
ledger line a short line placed above or below a musical staff to accommodate notes beyond the range of the staff.
mainframe a computer with esp. large capacity, able to accommodate numerous terminals.
motel a hotel that usu. has extensive parking convenient to the bedrooms so as to accommodate those who travel by car.
oblige to render a service to; accommodate. [1/4 definitions]
packsaddle a saddle esp. designed to accommodate the load carried by a pack animal.
receptive open and willing to accommodate new thoughts and ideas. [1/2 definitions]
riding designed to accommodate a rider. [1/3 definitions]
synchrocyclotron a cyclotron in which frequency of voltage is regulated to accommodate the increases in mass of the particles as they reach high speeds.
take in stride to absorb or accommodate with no interruption or disturbance of one's normal mood or activities.