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attend to go along with; accompany or assist. [1/8 definitions]
chaperon to accompany as a chaperon. [1/2 definitions]
dream a series of images or visions that accompany sleep, or that occur during waking reverie. [1/13 definitions]
drop a beat to establish a repetitive, rhythmic sound or beat, often to accompany rap music. [1/2 definitions]
duenna in Portugal or Spain, an older woman hired to accompany, care for, and protect a girl or young woman. [1/2 definitions]
entourage a group of people who accompany another person as attendants or associates; retinue.
escort to act as an escort for; accompany. [1/5 definitions]
esquire to accompany or escort in public. [1/4 definitions]
field artillery light mobile artillery that can accompany troops in the field.
fife a small, high-pitched transverse flute, used mainly to accompany drums in military or marching music. [1/2 definitions]
hoedown the music played to accompany a square dance. [1/2 definitions]
Kyrie eleison the music that may accompany this. [1/2 definitions]
pallbearer one of several persons who carry or accompany the casket at a funeral.
pinnace a small sailing boat formerly used to accompany and tend a larger boat. [1/2 definitions]
retinue a group of attendants or other employees who accompany a prominent person.
special needs any additional or alternative educational needs that can accompany disabilities, esp. of young people in a school system.
tag1 (informal) to follow or accompany someone closely (usu. fol. by after or along). [1/9 definitions]
walk to cause or help to walk, or to accompany another in walking. [2/15 definitions]