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ajar2 not in accordance or harmonious with.
below the belt not in accordance with fairness.
bingo a game of chance in which markers are placed on numbered squares on a card, in accordance with numbers chosen randomly and announced by a caller, and which is won by placing five such markers in a row.
break to fail to act in accordance with. [1/25 definitions]
by in accordance with. [1/16 definitions]
charter founded or held in accordance with a charter. [1/7 definitions]
conform to be or act in accordance or compliance with an established standard or norm. [1/4 definitions]
conformation the act of conforming; correspondence; accordance. [1/4 definitions]
conformist one who tends to act in accordance or compliance with established standards or norms. [2 definitions]
conformity accordance or compliance with a standard or norm. [1/2 definitions]
conscientious done in accordance with one's conscience; scrupulous. [1/2 definitions]
consistently in a consistent manner; in accordance with the established pattern.
cooperate to work well together or to act in accordance with the direction of another. [1/2 definitions]
correspond to be in agreement or accordance; match (often followed by "with" or "to"). [1/3 definitions]
correspondence agreement or accordance between or among specific things. [1/3 definitions]
data processing the recording, organizing, and storing of information, esp. by computers, in accordance with strictly defined procedures.
discipline to train in accordance with rules or principles. [1/7 definitions]
done in accordance with social conventions, fashion, or good taste. [1/4 definitions]
formal in accordance with well-established, solemn or polite customs and conventions; ceremonious. [1/9 definitions]
habitual in accordance with habit; customary. [1/3 definitions]
illegitimate not in accordance with principles of logical inference; illogical. [1/6 definitions]